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The Sival Group is expert in aluminium gravity casting and CNC machining and gather three plants dedicated to your full service :

Sival Foundry : specific aluminium alloys for high technical parts made by foundry

Dubus Industry : high precision CNC machining for technical parts made by specific raw materials

Aluko : the best quality price service conditions into aluminium foundry

Sival Group is recognized as an expert into aluminium complex alloys foundry, as a technical leader in France and abroad for more than 50 years.

The expertise developed in gravity die casting as well as sand casting and precision sand casting (resin bonded) allows us to manufacture high technical parts in aluminium alloys matching with high technical standards.

The Group is having with 3 major plants, who can bring Customers, independently or in a common service, the best technical choice, service and price into :

  • gravity die casting for high technical parts made in specific aluminium alloys
  • CNC machining for finishing products to very high standards and tolerances for medium and big size parts. We machine aluminium as well as titanium, cooper, stainless steel, among others
  • The best quality price ratio for your aluminium gravity die casted parts with its Low Cost facility foundry in a stable country

We develop and manufacture parts mainly for airplane industry, car industry, train, military and consumer goods industries as well.

Each of our plant is ISO 9001 or EN 9100 certified

A Nadcap certification is on going in order to be qualified by mid of 2016.