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Quality and Certifications

All the processes implemented into the Sival Group plants arecertified ISO 9001 by Afnor or EN/AS/JISQ 9100 by Afnor organization as well.

The company complies with all the quality standards necessary to sustain growth into the aircraft industry.

A Nadcap certification is on going for non destructive controls (X ray control and penetrant process) and should be achieved by mid of 2016. For the heat treatment process, Nadcap will be achieved by mid of 2017.

Sival is also owning and can perform a ugh variety of controls such as spectrograph, thermal analyser, durability, dissection, red penetrant and fluorescent penetrant processes, X ray laboratory, sand laboratory, 3D measuring equipment, pressure and waterproofness tests, endoscopy.

A team of qualified people Cofrend 2 andCofrend/Cosac 3 insure the parts are matching Customers expectations and technical specifications.

Quality certificates can be delivered for each single part or batch according to Customers requirements.


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