Innovations, products and processes

R&D office to design and industrialize your products:

In order to help you in each step of your parts development, Sival Group owns CAD software such as Top Solid or uses the Magma flow simulator software.

During the early stage of parts design, our engineers can advise you on the best design to match your technical requirements. We will improve as well the quality price ratio from the beginning of the design stage.

Our engineers will build 3D models on your parts, looking to optimize the technical specifications such as mechanical constraints, pressure resistance, visual aspect, deformation… and will help you choosing the best aluminium alloys to increase technical requirements over the EN1706 standard.

We build efficient process from casting to machining under a full and simple responsability

A few examples of the current used aluminium alloys:

AS7G, AlSi7Mg, EN AC-42000, AC-42100, AC-42200, AU5GT, AlCu4MgTi, AlCu4Ti, AC-21000,  AC-21100, 2017, 2017A, AU5NKZr, AlCu5NiCoZr, AS13, AlSi13, AS12, AlSi12, AS10G, AlSi10Mg, AG3, AlMg3, AG3T, AlMg3Ti, AZ10S8g, AZ5G, AU4T,….
Some alloys, for specific purposes, are Stanag certified (NATO norms)

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Process and production flow:

The Sival Group implement the gravity sand casting or gravity resin bonded sand casting for small and medium size parts from a few grams up to 400kg. We are building internally our sand cores with 4 semi automatic machines, using our core boxes having a capacity from 2,5 to 25 litres We are using gravity die casting technology for few grams products up to 30kg with half dozen of semi automatic workstations

Your foundry is also offering you the possibility to die cast complex parts integrating sand core or metallic inserts technology into the mould. For heat treatment, Sival Group is owning 2 furnaces qualified for aircraft industry (class 3 - tolerance ±3°C) and 2 tempering furnaces

Our staff is qualified as well to readjust parts after heat treatment, control on 3D machine… Whenever it’s necessary, shot blasting and sand blasting processes can be implemented internally.

The CNC machines production unit is composed by homogeneous range of Mazak equipment, all equipped by CNC 4 and 5 axis, for parts size up to 800mm3. Another high speed drilling production unit, with 4 Brother equipments can machine parts up to 800mm3. The pool of machines is completed by CNC Mazak turning equipment for parts Ø450mm x 800mm. This pool of equipment allows us to match expertise, competitiveness, accuracy and big production batches for any kind of raw material.

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