Sival Group

Sival Foundry : for more than 50 years experience into the industrial field of aluminium gravity casting, Sival Foundry is specialized into small and medium batches, from prototype parts to more than 5000 parts per batch. Our field of expertise is highly appreciated in high technical requiring industries like airplane, trains, coaches, car focusing mainly on safety products and applications.

Our moulding capabilities, by sand, or die casting, are matching with very light parts up to 400 kg products.

Since its early stage, the goal of Sival Foundry is to produce high quality components, over usual quality standards, with difficult shapes and into specific aluminium alloys.

Sival Foundry can deliver, upon Customers specifications, finished products including CNC machining to very high standards and tolerances, surface treatment, final assembly and other technical Customers requirements (measurement report, strength test, X ray, spectrometer) delivering quality certificate in line with Customers expectations.

Machining Workshop : Excellence centre into CNC machining, for big batches as well as unique products, we machine high technical parts with its 4 and 5 axis CNC machines.

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Parts can be machined into different raw material (aluminium, stainless steel, steel, titanium, cooper,…) as well as engraved solid. Parts can be up to 800mm3

High precision can be reached with CNC machining, up to micrometre, matching with high requiring industries like aircraft or cars.

Aluko: In addition to its 2 sisters companies, Aluko is the LCC plant for the SIVAL Group, based in Hungary, 30km south Budapest. It produces aluminium gravity die casted parts from casting to machining.

This plant is also able to machine parts, by CNC, for a full service highly competitive.

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